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Hi there! I am a

                         Social Media Strategist

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About Me

My name is Xiayi Zhong. I am a third-year RMIT advertising student from China. I am a communicative and strategic-oriented person at work. Always keep a curious mind towards everything. Beyond that, I am a sunset chaser and a perfume lover.  I love capturing moments that make the viewer feel as if they are stepping into a dream. I do vlogging to record my daily life since I was entering college.


  • Creative strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Data analysis

  • Good at PS\AI\FCP\Lr\Procreate

  • Experienced at MS office

  • Photography & Vlogging

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Seeing me as a bottle of perfume. I will collide with different chemical effects on different skin, and I will customize the unique fragrance for you. Don't think that my base note will not be dynamic and innovative just because the top note is soft. And I would like to take the long lasting 'fragrance holding time' as my persistence in advertising industry

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International volunteer, CIWEI

July 2018 - August 2018

Teaching children in English and guiding them to better know about Chinese culture in Phuket

customer service, Hermès

July 2019- August 2019

responsible for communicating with sponsor and guiding VIP customers in 2019

Foreign trade merchandiser, Yeli

April 2020 - July 2020

Communicating with foreign customers of the product/order/inquiry via email(B2B). And dealing with the feedback and link up with product development department

Social media strategist, Ruder Finn

November 2020 - February 2021

I worked for 4A PR agency based in Shanghai doing PR and social media content creation for McDonald's China. During my internship, I was responsible for copywriting, creative strategy and data analysis of monthly reports for McDonald's official accounts such as Weibo and WeChat.


Let's see my works!

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Versa project

Mobile Voice guide for Melbourne Zoo

Developing creative executions and promotional ideas through the analysis of annual reports and research on their target audience. I also developed a promotional plan that combined educational value and the profit for the company.

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Brava project

Hashtag campaign---I deserve more

Giving a focus on anti-body shaming and no more tape measure for big breast women through online social media campaign can raise empathy among the target audience.

Social media campaign for Brava_page-0001.jpg
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I chose to present the following 3 briefs of ideas and general directions, which included creative planning, strategic planning, market research and copywriting, and graphic design work.

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Case study: Foster care agency

Big idea: make your home a better place


-A handbook is distributed to every family in each community attaching a QR code on the cover.
- PSA in train stations, supermarket with good flow of people
- Placement of portal banners in the subculture online community such as LGBTQA+
- The preroll ad is placed on youtube to bring foster families together to call for action, and the content of the video focuses on harmony and warmth.
- Post the #youmademylife hashtag campaign on Facebook
- Sponsoring influencers to encourage people to adopt on instagram & tiktok

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National campaign of NISSAN LEAF

Idea: drive in a modern way with no battery anxiety, make your urban life green and safe


The LEAF stands for a new lifestyle for urbanites. Not only the car itself is environmentally friendly, but also the positive impact on life and family after changing this city friendly car is highlighted to attract the audience.

Tone of voice: Friendly, trustworthy, professional


Social media

-Website banners: LinkedIn

- Video ads: YouTube

-Carousel ads: Facebook


Interactive poster: tram station/city building/parking lot

Billboards: city main roads

Cassie's folio: Case Studies

Death to Stock

Idea: Reality or dream? numb or sensible? I want to express this generation's attitude towards life - to embrace the unknown and accept getting lost. 

what I've gained: Understand how to combine the idea to match the online culture visually based on the analysis of your audience and the social community

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Other works​

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